Hutchinson fast in first TT practice

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Ian Hutchinson set the pace in tonight’s (Monday’s) first timed practice session of the 2010 TT.

Conditions were near perfect as he lapped at 128.302mph to top the leaderboard with the Padgetts Honda and said: “There you go. People have been telling my I can only ride around here on a supersport bike or a stocker. Hopefully this will put them right.”

Hutchinson was also fourth quickest on his superstock bike and said: “I’m really happy. That’s a great start to the job.” He didn’t go out on the 600.

Cameron Donald – coming off a disappointingly quiet North West 200 – showed his true colours with second fastest superbike time of the night with a lap of 127.274mph on the Relentless by TAS Suzuki.

John McGuinness was third quickest with a lap of 127.090mph on his HM Plant Hondas superbike and did 123.523mph on the Padgetts Honda stocker to go second in that class to, behind Ryan Farquhar on the KMR Kawasaki. He also posted fourth best time in Supersport with a 120.289mph.

McGuinness said: “That was a fairly usual first night out at the TT. You get your head blown of by the wind and arm-pump through hanging on too tight! My superbike was great as you would expect.

“The stocker was like it always is, key in the ignition and go and the supersport was just a tad over-geared.”

Guy Martin was also impressive with a 127.056mph lap on the Wilson Craig Honda superbike to go fourth. And was also third in Superstock with a 124.582mph lap.
Adrian Archibald and Bruce Anstey completed the top six.

Keith Amor posted 11th quickest time in his debut on the HM Plant Honda he is riding in place of the injured Steve Plater. He went 122.787mph and said: “I wanted to take my time to not only get used to the HM Plant Honda, but also get re-acquainted with the bike. 

Behind Farquhar is Superstock was Michael Dunlop on the Hunts Motorcycles with a lap of 124.810. But also clocking 124mph laps were Martin and McGuinness.
Dunlop topped the Supersport times with a lap of 123.960 but he wasn’t entirely happy with his evening. 

“I’ve got to ride harder,” he moaned. “The 600 is okay but I’d be happier with 126mph…..The stocker and my superbike are wheelying to much and are a weaving around a wee bit so we’ve got to do some work on them to find more stability.”

Brother William was third quickest having revamped his CD Racing Yamaha since the North West where it was nowhere near the pace.

Olie Linsdell departure from the pits on his lap aboard Moto2 FTR that he intends racing in the Senior, perked everyone up as he wailed off down towards Bray Hill. The bike has retained the same open exhaust that’s permitted in Moto2. He clocked a lap time of 115.026mph.

Provisional Times:

Poker Stars Superbike TT
1 Ian Hutchinson (Padgetts Honda) – 128.302mph
2 Cameron Donald (Relentless by TAS Suzuki) – 127.274mph
3 John McGuinness (HM Plant Honda) – 127.090mph
4 Guy Martin (Wilson Craig Honda) – 127.056mph
5 Adrian Archibald (AMA Suzuki) – 127.056mph
6 Bruce Anstey (Relentless by TAS Suzuki) – 126.020mph

Monster Energy Supersport TT
1 Michael Dunlop (600 Street Sweep/Hardship Racing Yamaha) – 123.960mph
2 Guy Martin (600 Wilson Craig Honda) – 121.600mph
3 William Dunlop (600 CD Racing Yamaha) – 121.020mph
4 John McGuinness (600 Padgetts Honda) – 120.289mph
5 Paul Owen (600 #98 Club Yamaha) – 119.222mph
6 Ian Lougher (600 Blackhorse Kawasaki) – 118.799mph

Royal London 360 Superstock TT
1 Ryan Farquhar (1000 KMR Kawasaki) – 126.799mph
2 Michael Dunlop (1000 Hunts Motorcycles/Marlow Construction Honda) – 124.810mph
3 Guy Martin (1000 Wilson Craig Honda) – 124.582mph
4 John McGuinness (1000 Padgetts Honda) – 124.523mph
5 Ian Hutchinson (1000 Padgetts Honda) – 123.459mph
6 Conor Cummins (1000 McAdoo Kawasaki) – 123.456mph

Sure Sidecar TT
1 Klaus Klaffenbock/Dan Sayle (Manx Gas Racing Honda) – 111.761mph
2 John Holden/Andy Winkle (Holden Racing/TAS Suzuki) – 111.576mph
3 Simon Neary/Paul Knapton (600 Dave Hudspeth Carpets/Nick Crowe Racing Honda) – 110.964mph

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin