Guy Martin: ‘The BMW goes like you know what off a shovel!’

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Guy Martin has been left blown away with his new Tyco BMW S1000RR, after getting his first test on the machine at Spain’s Almeria circuit yesterday.

Riding alongside road racing teammate William Dunlop at an official BMW race camp event, Martin says that the team changed barely anything on the machine as he worked to adapt after four years on the Suzuki.

“I haven’t hardly touched a thing on the Tyco BMW apart from footrests and bars and I’m more than impressed already. It’s that nimble and has such a great feel, you could ride it for a lifetime; it really is a mega bike.

“We rode today on used tyres, which does help you get a good feeling for a bike, and I had one hundred percent confidence in it and felt great. It goes like ‘you know what… off a shovel’ and even though I haven’t ridden a competitive bike for around six months, I know fast when I ride it, and it did everything I asked of it.

“If I’m honest I’ve got more out of the first day on this bike than I did here last year for three days – so take from that what you will.”

The team are joined today and tomorrow by MCE British Superbike riders Tommy Bridewell and Michael Laverty, fresh from their debut on the bike last week at Cartagena.

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

MotoGP and road racing reporter, photographer, videographer