Dunlop makes MSS Kawasaki stocker debut

Published: 04 February 2016

William Dunlop has made his debut on the MSS Kawasaki ZX-10R machine he will campaign the 2016 road racing season on, completing a trackday at Spain’s Cartagena circuit to help familiarise himself with the new machine.

Joining the highly experienced team who have multiple road race and British Superbike wins under their belts, Dunlop says he was amazed to beat his best ever time of the Southern track on what essentially started the week as a road bike.

“It was a really positive test and important to get a good run of track time on what basically started out as a road bike with some suspension on it. I would never have imagined to make my fastest ever laps around Cartagena on such a bike and to do that even with making changes and getting over small issues is a testament to the team.

“Nick and Jeb have so much experience on what makes the bike work that they made the job easy and enjoyable for me. As everyone knows if you’re enjoying riding you go fast. It’s quite funny as that was the first time I’d actually properly met Nick!

“It was also great to have the support of Jason and Metzeler out there, it gives me so much confidence having worked the tyres so hard. I’m happy and looking forward to the next test.”

The MSS Kawasaki joins a stable of Yamahas from long-time backer Chris Dowd, with an R1 superbike joining the CD Racing R6 Dunlop rode in 2015.