Suter to enter 2016 TT with two-stroke bike

Published: 15 February 2016

The Swiss built 580cc V4 two stroke Suter machine is set to make its debut at the 2016 Isle of Man TT. The bike, which is eligible for the Superbike and Senior TT races, is the brainchild of Eskil Suter.

The company is trying to recruit a big name British TT racer to give their effort maximum impact.

Suter have won three constructors' titles in Moto2 and have worked with Foggy Petronas in World Superbikes and Kawasaki in MotoGP.

The company’s new 195bhp two stroke bike, which was launched last September, retails at over £90,000 with a production run of just 99 machines.

With 20 bikes due to be in production by June, the Swiss company will want to give sales of their new machine a boost with some TT publicity, but they are realistic about their prospects of mountain course success.

We do not expect a win at our first TT.” Philippe Soutter, marketing director of Suter Racing said.

A Suter will also be entered in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb in the USA in 2016.