Farquhar thanks medics after North West crash

Published: 19 May 2016

Ryan Farquhar has thanked the doctors who ‘saved his life’ following the crash which hospitalised him at this year’s North West 200.

The veteran road racing star went down hard on the coast road in Thursday night’s Supertwins race and was collected by another rider’s bike as he skidded across the track. He suffered a number of broken ribs which then lacerated his liver causing an internal bleed.

He was dealt with by trackside medics, including Dr Fred MacSorley, before being flown to Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to control the bleed.

After the weekend in intensive care, Farquhar is now on his way to recovery with wife Karen at his bedside.

“I lost the front end and I went down hard, I hit the Recticel bale and bounced back out into the road but everything happened so fast that I don’t really remember being hit by the other bike,” he said in his first interview since the crash.

“I can’t thank the doctors enough who saved my life. Money couldn’t pay them for what they have done for me. As time went on I knew that I was in bad shape, I couldn’t believe how quickly Dr Fred was able to work out what was wrong with me. When I got to the hospital they told me whoever prepared me for the journey had saved my life. I am looking forward now to getting home with my wife Karen, my girls Keeley and Mya and our two donkeys.”

Two other riders injured at this year’s North West remain in hospital. Paul Gartland, who crashed during Saturday’s Superstock race and was rushed to hospital suffering with internal bleeding, is now in a bed beside Farquhar as he recovers in the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Nico Mawhinney, a newcomer who crashed in Thursday’s practice session sustained a broken pelvis, heel, ankle and ribs in the fall at Mill Road roundabout.