Bayliss’ big race shakedown – in the wife’s runabout

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WORLD SUPERBIKE king Troy Bayliss has been getting in some last minute practice for a four-wheeled fun race with fellow motorsport champs… using his wife’s estate car.

Bayliss, who has never been near a race car, will be going up against some of the world’s best drivers in the Michelin Race of Champions in the Canary Islands on Friday. His opposition includes Alistair McCrae, Johnny Herbert, Marcus Gronholm and bike stars Valentino Rossi and Ruben Xaus. All of this lot and a load of other top drivers will be going up against each other in rally cars and buggies.

Bayliss said: ” I didn’t want to get there and be useless so I thought I’d nip out in the wife’s car to get some practice in around the mountains near the house. ”

For most people borrowing the wife’s car means a squeeze into a Ford Fiesta – not Bayliss, who bought wife Kim a 380bhp Audi RS4 estate which will cover 0-60mph in around four seconds and top out at a limited 155mph.

Bayliss added: ” I knew the car would be fast but I have never driven it like that – I loved it but was lucky to get back in one piece. I can’t wait to get in a proper rally car out in Gran Canaria – it should be a laugh. ”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff