Toseland chatted live from his bathtub at Sugo

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James Toseland joined us live from Sugo World Superbike round for a live webchat at 1pm UK time, Friday April 19.

Due to the time difference, it was actually 9pm in Japan, so James was in the bath when we got in touch with him, but he was still able to chat for around forty minutes, despite his bathwater getting cold.

Between propositions from some of the female readers, he revealed that if Neil Hodgson moves to MotoGP, James would be more likely to stay in World Superbikes, at least for the next couple of years.

He also admitted once and for all that he does play the piano, and that his band are playing at the Ducati week in June, with a possible guest appearance from Neil Hodgson on triangle or spoons. He’s not that keen on the Japanese food or brolly babes, but he did say that while he normally goes for brunettes, he’s been single for a while and getting less fussy.

James also tipped Hizzy for the British Superbike championship, revealed how he feels about racing at Silverstone instead of Donington, revealed why Bayliss might not continue his winning streak for much longer and asked everyone to hope and pray it’s dry for timed qualifying tomorrow.

To read the full transcript follow the link on the right titled " James Toseland: In his own words " .

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