Bostroms in serious boat accident

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Ben Bostrom, his former girlfriend Kat and brother Eric narrowly avoided being killed when their dinghy was hit by a motor boat while on holiday in Italy at the weekend.

Bostrom said: ” Kat is over here and we were out together on Saturday night and then on Sunday we figured we’d hire a boat and go for a cruise around.

” That’s when the trouble started. We were some ways out when Eric and I saw a long fast boat heading our way and it was going pretty quickly too.

” It was heading right for us, coming up from behind us, when we realised that the driver couldn’t see us and he was going to hit us. Right at the last minute Eric and I knew there actually was going to be a crash, so we just grabbed Kat and the three of us dove into the water.

” This boat … they’re called cigarette boats because of their shape – was right up on its tail, planing, and it went straight over our little boat.

” Eric got tumbled around pretty badly. I was completely fine but Kat actually got hit by the boat. She was lying face down in the water with blood coming from her head. I honestly thought she was dead.

” I’d asked her to come and hang out with us and then this happens. Eric and I held her up out of the water for a couple of minutes as we got back to our boat which hadn’t sunk, but then the guy who’d hit us came back and we all got pulled out of the water.

” Kat wasn’t breathing and I was trying to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation and eventually she started to breathe real gently and by then the police and coast guards were there.”

Bostrom said that Kat, a top model, suffered six broken ribs, a large gash on her head and a punctured lung in the incident. She could be in hospital for up to a month.

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By MCN Staff