Chris Walker: In his own words

Mentaltrev: Hi Chris – I suffered from Bell’s Paulsy when I was a teenager but it must have been more mild than you’ve suffered since it responded to steroidal treatment and cleared up in about 2 weeks. How’s YOUR recovery coming along – is it still affecting you at all when you’re on the race bike?

ChrisWalker: The recovery hasn’t been as fast as it could have been because the steroids they prescribed to cure it are on the banned list for racing! So I’ve been relying on herbal treatments, which take a bit more time. I’m still affected by my eye a little bit, but it’s getting a lot, lot better.

Adam D: Will you be on a four-stroke GP machine next year – have Kawasaki said anything about it

ChrisWalker: They haven’t mentioned anything about 2003 yet. With regards to the riders, except they are 99% sure they are pulling out of superbikes. I believe Andrew Pitt is earmarked for one of the rides. But the other rider has yet to be decided, so I need to put my head down to keep myself in the frame.

Destroyer: Will you come back to BSB?

ChrisWalker: If I can’t get a World Superbike ride, then I’ll ride BSB, without a doubt.

Dazzie: Chris, very well done on some great results so far – how are you finding the 2002 kwack?

ChrisWalker: Mean and green, same as always. The bike’s great and the team are fantastic. Obviously it’s showing signs of age now, but it’s still a good package, and with a bit of luck on our side, which we haven’t had up till now, we will be able to get up to the front on some of the tracks later in the year.

Heilanninja: From your days in BSB you were used to racing at the front of the pack, how are you finding it racing back in 8th, 9th and 10th?

ChrisWalker: Erm… It’s obviously not as glorious. But at the same time it’s my first year on a superbike at world level, so it’s kind of the way I expected it to be. It’s just a shame there are so many 1000cc twins out there this year!

Walker22202: What happened on Sunday with Borciani

ChrisWalker: He had a problem with his front brake…allegedly. I passed him on the way out of the chicane, accelerated down to the next corner, at which point he couldn’t stop, ran right in the back of me, and we were both off. Up till then I’d been having a really a good race. He was Italian, he was excited, and he was in front of his home crowd, and he was further up than he’d ever been, so I’ll have to forgive him for that.

Mentaltrev: How does the WSB Kawa. ZX7R compare to your BSB Suzi. GSXR750?

ChrisWalker: It’s faster but not as nimble. The Suzuki was a much smaller bike, for a 750 four, but the Kawasaki has a lot more power, and more trick bits than you’d like to mention…!

Dabbsy: Is there any real tension between you and Hodgson. We reckon he robbed the BSB title from you.

ChrisWalker: *laughs* Not at all really…Neil’s moved on and got his world status back, from being there before, and I’m striving to get there. So it’s good to see him up front, and hopefully I’ll be up there beside him sooner rather than later.

Firebladebabe: So who do you think is better sheene or foggy

ChrisWalker: Oh…no way! Sheene has never said anything bad about me…

Ianw: How do you rate Toseland?

ChrisWalker: He’s a good lad. He’s got a lot of things on his side…good team, fantastic bike, age on his side, and he’s been racing at world level for about four years. So he’s doing well and doing everything right. He’d like to be a bit closer to Neil in the races at this stage, I’m sure, but, I’m glad he’s not!!! But with him having the same machinery as Neil, then he’s got the every chance.

Destroyer: Would you like a Ducati for WSB next year?

ChrisWalker: Probably. I wouldn’t mind one for the rest of this year! It looks like it’s about the time to come when I’ve got to learn to ride one! Unless they let 1000cc fours in next year, then I could stay with them…

Dazzie: Chris, looking forward to Silverstone?

ChrisWalker: I can’t wait, there will be five more Ducatis in it! Seriously though I can’t wait, it will be wicked to be in front of the British fans again, and on a track where I at least know 3 or 4 corners.

Destroyer: Hi Chris…..If you cant get a WSB ride next year.would you go back to BSB?

ChrisWalker: Yeah, definitely…I need to win the thing. I can’t retire having finished runner up in the thing four times!

lee francis: how did you get into bike racing

ChrisWalker: Motocross as a kid. I rode dirt bikes as a kid, and pestered and pestered my dad to take me schoolboy racing, which he finally did when I was 14. When I realised I was no good at that I decided to try something else. The main problem was I couldn’t touch the floor!

Melissabond: Chris!! I’d love to see you in BSB again!! If you come back, what bike would you wanna ride?

ChrisWalker: At the moment it would be between the Ducati and the Virgin R1. I’d love to come back, and if it was at the moment, it’d be the Ducati or the R1, but if it takes a couple of years, then who knows, there might be something trick and green out by then.

Dazzie: Speaking of V-twins, you were brilliant on the old spice one… do you wish you had stayed on v-twins now?

ChrisWalker: Not really, because riding the four cylinders made me who I am I suppose. You have to be behind the Ducatis to be The Stalker! But it might be time for a change I suppose. It’s ironic…I stopped riding that bike because it was so unreliable, and then I lost the British championship because my bike broke down.

Jmebe: Which team would you like to ride for?

ChrisWalker: I’m really happy where I am and they’re the most professional team I’ve ridden for. But a dream team for me, would be me and Whitham as teammates, and Rob Mac as manager. And we’d have Mackenzie making the tea!

Melissabond: Do you wanna ride with Suzuki again sometime in the future?

ChrisWalker: Yeah, I mean I had a lot of fun there, and as a manufacturer they were great to race for, and the machine was probably the best out there.

Rparsons: what road bike would you have given a choice?

ChrisWalker: It’s between a Mille R and an MV Agusta. Probably when they bring out the F5.

Mentaltrev: I know you like to do MotoX – do you still ride a bike on the UK roads, though? If so, what, where & why?

ChrisWalker: I still ride a bike. Anything I can beg, borrow or steal, because the only rode bike I’ve got is my old BSA Lightning Clubman. Why? Cos I love riding motorbikes full stop…whether it’s on the road, or off. And where? Anywhere where there is no police

I don’t go out in the full race leathers on the BSA though, just in a modern helmet. I just use it to run down the pub on, keeps me out of mischief.

Firebladebabe: Would you ever go to the States to race?

ChrisWalker: I have thought about it, and was in talks with them for this year when the Kawasaki ride came up.

XX1100: How are you finding the World Superbike Paddock?

ChrisWalker: Yeah, great. There’s obviously quite a few British boys, with the 600 boys as well. And there’s obviously a few others that I know from riding as a wildcard, so it’s a lot more friendly and relaxed than the GP paddock

Melissabond: Are you gonna be at silverstone on Weds!

ChrisWalker: I am. And I am there now, on the phone to MCN.

Firebladebabe: Do you think the government should back bike racing more and help to bring in more new young blood?

ChrisWalker: Definitely. And just bikes in general. You know, encourage them, rather than get on to bikers.

Brollydolly: Chris – are you satisfied with the standard of brollydollys at the moment?

ChrisWalker: Not the ones I’ve had! The ones from Teasers in South Africa were pretty special…It’s a lap-dancing bar, and fortunately they were holding the brolly for the rider in front of me…

Rocket63: Chris. Did you ever consider retiring after all the turmoil of last season and what are your feelings on Jeff Hardwick?

ChrisWalker: I never thought about retiring…never. I figure my luck might need to change or I’ll be forced into it, and as for Jeff Hardwick he still owes me a lot of money and he’s gone missing… Enough said! (I’m not responsible by the way!)

Leonardv: Is the ZX-10R fact or fiction?

ChrisWalker: As far as I know there is one…but not until 2004, which is why they’ve had a problem for World Superbikes for next year.

Destroyer: Would you consider riding in World Supersport like Witham?

ChrisWalker: Not while I can still get a superbike ride because I still enjoy the superbikes so much. It’s a fantastic series, with fantastic bikes and racing, but it would be difficult to get back into superbikes. Me and James sat there after the second race with a piece of rope, but we couldn’t find a stool!

hondacbr400cc: Just wanted to say well done in BSB, you won it in 2000 in most peoples’ eyes

ChrisWalker: Thankyou …it was a fantastic year, and it’s not too often 2 people deserve to win a championship, and unfortunately only one could. But I’ll be back!

benjohnson28: Ever tried chattin up a brolly girl? (Did you get any where?)

ChrisWalker: Of course!…and…of course.

Melissabond: I think you are the most sexy man in the world, do you think so?

ChrisWalker: Not in the slightest…maybe even worse by being lopsided. That’s what people have told me.

ChrisWalker: Thankyou very much for everyone, and sorry if I couldn’t answer all your questions….I’ll be back to answer more in the future. I hope to see you all at Silverstone…..AND BRING SOME BANNERS! Cheers, Bye.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff