Send your messages to Hodgson, Walker and Toseland

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This Sunday the World Superbike series comes to Silverstone, giving the British contingent their best chances of good results.

With Neil Hodgson, Chris Walker, James Toseland and Mark Heckles in the World Superbike class, plus Jamie Whitham and Iain MacPherson in World Supersport, as well as the British wildcard riders like Hislop, Rutter, Byrne and Supersport ride Stuart Easton, there is a good chance of something for the British fans to cheer about.

Although they won’t have ridden the track before this week, they will have the support of tens of thousands of fans urging them on, which should be worth a few extra horsepower.

But if you’d like to get your own message to the riders, either email them to, or post them on the World Superbike board on the thread titled ” Messages For Silverstone ” .

We’ll pass all your messages onto the riders, to let them know how much support they’ve got.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff