Foggy rides again

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Carl Fogarty indulged himself with a few laps in the saddle of the Petronas FP1 during the first day of a two-day private test at Valencia in Spain.

” I am officially old! ” said team boss Fogarty. ” Today’s ride certainly put an end to any joking thoughts I may have had about racing again. It was hard work and every part of me was aching and my head was spinning when I got off the bike. I managed to knock seconds off my lap time but didn’t want to push to the limit. It was an experience for sure, but that’s it. ”

James Haydon was unable to ride having woken up with seized neck muscles, leaving Tory Corser to be joined by British Superstock rider Jamie Morley, who was impressed with the chassis and handling of the bike.

Tory Corser was pleased with the test. ” It’s been great to have time to really test different areas today as we never have enough time during a race weekend. Being back at Valencia I’ve been able to benchmark how much improvement we have made since the first race here six months ago, and there’s no doubt the bike is stronger. ”

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff