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The debut World Superbike test for Yamaha Motor France rider Shinichi Nakatomi ended with the Japanese rider in hospital with a hand injury following a crash during the final session.

The 27-year-old was testing with team-mates Norick Abe and Sebastien Gimbert and had shown impressive speed until his accident, losing the front.

Abe set the fastest time with a lap of 1:36.8, followed by Gimbert. The duo were joined at the track by marco Borciani on his Ducati Borciani bike, and the DFX Honda team of Michel Fabrizio and Pierfrancesco Chili.

“I had been enjoying my first experience in Valencia until the crash,” said Nakatomi. “I was making good progress to elarnt he bike and tyres and I was happy with my lap times. Now I must wait for a full diagnosis from the doctor and hope that the injury is not too serious.”

Day two lap times:

1. Norifumi Abe, Yamaha 1:36.8

2. Sebastien Gimbert, Yamaha 1:37.0

3. Marco Borciani, Ducati 1:37.6

4. Michel Fabrizio, Honda 1:37.7

5. Pierfrancesco Chili, Honda 1:37.7

6. Shinichi Nakatomi, Yamaha 1:38.4

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The new 2006 Yamaha R6 has been tested for the first time by the Yamaha Motor Germany team for the coming World Supersport season.
The two-day test at Valencia in Spain ended on Thursday, December 15,, 2005, with Australian Kevin Curtain posting a quickest lap of 1:38.6. The weather was good for both days as the 39-year-old tried several suspension and tyre options.
Team-mate Broc Parkes completed a handful of laps on the second day following a fall at the final corner during the first session of the morning. The 24-year-old lost the rear ending his testing time due to a lack of spare parts. he also took a big knock to his left ankle.
Also at the test were Massimo Roccoli and Gianluca Vizziello for the Lorenzo by Leoni team, who were running virtually stock machines, and David Checa on the GMT94 R6, which is fitted with prototype Yamaha kit parts. Also present were the Honda Megabike team of Katsuaki Fujiwara and Yoan Tiberio
“It was a big crash. I’m hurting all over and I can’t move my left ankle much, but at least it seems that nothing’s broken,” said Parkes. “It was early and cold and I got caught out, lost the back end, and that was it. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to get more time on the bike, but at least we were able to get through most of what we needed yesterday.”
Yamaha Motor Germany team Manager Terrell Thien was happy with the positive nature of the first test, despite the crash. he estimates the bike is at about 50 per cent of its potential and looks to three days of testing at Phillip island in January 2006 to unlock some more before the season begins.

Day two lap times:

1. Kevin Curtain, Yamaha 1:38.3

2. Katsuaki Fujiwara, Honda 1:38.5

3. Gianluca Vizziello, Yamaha 1:39.3

4. Broc Parkes, Yamaha 1:39.5

5. Massimo Roccoli, Yamaha 1:39.5

6. Yoan Tiberio, Honda 1:39.8

7. David Checa, Yamaha 1:40.0

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