Bike lane for Brands

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Riders using the Dartford Crossing to head home at the end of the World Superbike event at Brands Hatch on Sunday, August 7 will benefit from two dedicated bike lanes northbound.

In addition the barrier arm at the toll booths in lanes 13 and 14 on the northbound carriageway will remain lifted to allow motorcycles through in a convoy rather than one at a time.

The barrier in lane 4 will remain raised from 4pm until congestion has lifted, and the lane 13 booth will be lifted between 4.30pm and 7pm. An overhead driver information sign will keep motorcyclists aware of which booths are open.

At all other times you’ll need to wait for the toll barrier to lift for each individual bike. Dashing through after your friend could see you getting a nasty clonk on your helmet or bike. The crossing is free of charge at all times for motorcyclists.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff