Corser tops WSB test

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Troy Corser has set the fastest time at the first day of World Superbike testing at Valencia in Spain.

The Australian achieved the quickest time of the day in the dying stages of the second session on Satruday, March 12, as his team concentrated on machine set-up and parts testing. Corser’s time of 1:35.911 puts him above Regis Laconi, and the Winston Ten Kate riders Chris Vermuelan and Karl Muggeridge.

Saturday lap times:

Troy Corser 1:35.911.

Regis Laconi 1:36.147

Chris Vermulen 1:36.411

Karl Muggeridge 1:36.913

Jose Luis Cardoso 1:37.191

Noriyuki Haga 1:37.256

Sebastien Gimbert 1:37.447

James Toseland 1:37.476

Yukio Kagayama 1:37.498

Andrew Pitt 1:37.543.

Lorenzo Lanzi 1:37.604.

Norick Abe 1:37.670.

Steve Martin 1:37.930.

Chris Walker 1:37.991.

Mauro Sanchini 1:38.152.

Pierfrancesco Chili 1:37.991.

Fonsi Nieto 1:38.718.

Pere Riba 1:38.750.

Marco Borciani 1:38.758.

Max Neukirchner 1:38.771.

Ivan Clementi 1:38.830.

Giovanni Bussei 1:38.970.

Ben Bostrom 1:38.997.

Gianluca Vizziello 1:39.282.

Alessio Velini 1:39.992.

Lucio Pedercini 1:40.032.

Lorenzo Alfonsi 1:40.405.

Garry McCoy 1:40.664.

Miguel Praia 1:41.042.

Michel Nickmans 1:42.155.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff