Honda win at Le Mans 24

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National Motos Honda won the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race after an eventful day of racing.

The Suzuki 1 and 2 teams looked set to clear up but the number 1 team crashed out halfway through and had to rebuild the bike before a long climb back up to second place.

Suzuki number 2 had the lead until four hours before the end of the race when they crashed and had to retire.
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GMT94 Yamaha were the only team left to threaten the Honda but an electrical problem caught them out towards the end of the race and they were forced to pit to repair it, dropping them down to third at the flag.

MCN-backed Diablo Kawasaki retired from the race with a broken gearbox – the second race in a row the bike has suffered gearbox problems.

55 National Motos Honda – 817 laps

2 – Suzuki Castrol – 815 laps

94 Yamaha GMT94 – 804 laps

8 – Kawasaki Bolliger – 799 laps

10 – Infini Team Suzuki – 793 laps (1st SPR)

44 – Suzuki No Limits & RT – I789 laps

83 – Kawasaki Maccio Racing – 788 laps (1st STK)

12 – Suzuki – 787 laps

100 – Suzuki Endurance Moto45 – 786 laps

21 – RMT21 Racing Honda

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff