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I have just had my first visit to Donington park (on Friday) and had great day out.

As soon as I got into the circiut I got myself a paddock pass and wandered in.

I walked up to the end of the paddock and stood in the stands on the last corner befor the finish line.

I soon got talking to a chap called Paul who was there for the weekend with his girlfriend and had Susuki hospitality tickets.

We chatted for a while and then he went off to find his girlfriend and have a good look round.

Over the day I enjoyed watching the bikes and took loads of photos of the riders and the circuit.

When I was just about to leave I heard Paul calling me. He came running up and said that he had been looking for me and that he had a treat for me,with that he gave me his girlfriend's Pit lane pass so that I could have a walk up pit lane and peek into the garages.

That act of kindness made my day and I would just like to thank Paul and his girlfriend again.

Cheers mate see you at Silverstone maybe.

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