No wildcards for Silverstone

Published: 22 May 2007

Even if WSB don’t follow BSB’s rules package for 2008, it seems unlikley to make any different regarding potential wild card entries in World rounds.

For the first time ever, there will be no British wild card entries in the WSB round at this weekend’s Silverstone round – and that’s down to lack of interest from the British riders and teams.

BSB Race Director Stuart Higgs claimed the high cost has been the deciding factor.

“It doesn’t seem that it matters whether our rules are compatible or not with WSB. We’ve had no interested from our competitors wanting to race at Silverstone and I can only assume it’s down to the high costs of doing a one-off race,” said Higgs.
“Wild cards have to pay a 1,000 Euros registration fee to the SBK team’s association. They have to pay 4,500 Euros for Pirelli tyre supply and then have to find another $650 to hire a transponder.  And that’s before they take into account any of the running costs.”