Vallelunga 1 Big Rock 0

Vallelunga 1 Big Rock 0 Had a great trip to Vallelunga to watch JT hopefully lift title, unfortunately this had to wait a week. The circuit was great, everybody helpful in helping and explaining to us that tickets purchased from Big Rock were basically very limited. In fact limited to the Paddock enclosure(not to any of the tents) and some other remote areas that nobody was actually aware of. Paid £110 initially for a ticket that was supposed to cover everything then days before they were sent, conditions had changed to as described but with a reduction of £30.00. Therfore I paid £160.00 for two tickets to have access to watch other people enjoying real hospitality and having had to pay an additional 220 euros to actually watch the race from a decent area. Anyone else feel everso slightly out-of-pocket?

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By edenroy