Donington eat your heart out

Donington Park needs to take a very hard look at Brands Hatch and its services.

I was at Brands both Saturday and Sunday and it was a real pleasure to be a spectator. Toilets were clean and well serviced, loads of rubbish bins and I can honestly say in the main drag from the front gates, we saw a plate flying (at low level) over the grass bank and my friend took photos to send in to you.

It was also litter free- Mr. Palmer has done wonders for Brands Hatch which makes the spectators want to keep it tidy.

On Saturday night, there was a fun fair and a live band (plus the girly bit) for entertainment. Everyone in the main arena area was stopped and no glass was allowed in. Even more sensible was a pack of plastic glasses on the table so visitors could at least pour out their drink to take in and not get angry as I have seen at Donington (and other places).

The members of staff that I spoke to over the weekend, were all helpful and above all, happy to be there.


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