Brands Hatch pit lane walk rip off

Just returned from watching a a great days racing at the WSB round at Brands Hatch only marred by Craig Jones horiffic crash in the supersports race we are all thinking of him .

My main gripe was having spent £20 on an almost non existant Pit Walk the duration of which was supposed to be 20 minutes but in real terms was more like 10 It took 7/8 for a large crowd to amble from the safety gate near paddock bend across the cicuit to the pit lane garages.

There was only one rider present we had hardly got a quater of the way along the garages before the shutters came down in unison and a bunch of very ignorant track staff ushered us like catttle from the pit lane .

Sorry SBK not acceptable this is a rip off

Andy Pink

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By Andy Pink