Rob Frost at his best

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Rob Frost of Team Buff had an amazing escape while riding as a wild card in the World Supersport race at Brands.

Rob had battled up to 11th by the first Red Flag from 30th on the grid, after taking an unbeleivable 15 riders on the first lap. He had another good first lap from the restart and quickly settled into 9th but due to this amazing save slipped back to 11th.

Rob said “I knew I had lost the front end but as I slid accross the track I eventually hit the kerb which pushed me back on the bike”. Rob finished in 9th place as the top Triumph rider, an amazing acheivement.

After the race the scrutineers examined the bike after several complaints from teams claiming that the bike was too fast. All the scrutineers could find though was a non standard seat hump. It seems that what the packed Kent circuit had witnessed was another Frosty moment, where inclement weather caused most riders to ease back by 10% while Rob just got his head down and pushed.

Peter Checkley

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By Peter Checkley