World Supersport: Garry McCoy raced in Qatar with a broken leg

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Garry McCoy was as high as fourth onboard his SC Caracchi Triumph 675 before a mechanical failure robbed him of an impressive World Supersport debut.

Within minutes of the end of the race the former 500GP legend revealed to MCN that he’s been riding with a broken leg.

When most human beings would have been laid up on the couch in front of the TV, the tough Aussie has been getting on with things and only got a cast fitted a few days before arriving in Qatar.

What have you done to your leg?

“I was riding my motocross bike in Australia and caught my toe under a tree root which just ripped my leg sideways and broke my fibula.

“Luckily I had proper knee braces on which definitely saved my knee otherwise it would have probably been the end of my career.”

How bad is the break?

“The actual bone got twisted before it broke, but it ended up pretty much in place which was lucky.”

How’s it feeling now?

“It’s not too bad, I got an X-ray just before I came to Qatar and the bones hadn’t really knitted up.

“I didn’t really want it pinned because sometimes it can be pretty uncomfortable when you get back on your feet.”

Why don’t you have a big cast on it?

“For the first two weeks I was walking around on it without a cast and without crutches.

“Now I’m actually using a special cast that I got moulded to my leg when I initially broke my tibia and fibula in GPs.”

What’s it like when you’re riding the bike?

“To be honest the cast I’ve got is actually more uncomfortable than the break itself when I’m riding.

“It’s digging in at the back especially when I’m exiting right-handers. I’ve cut it away a bit but I don’t really want to take it off because if I did have a crash I don’t even want to think what could happen.”

Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider