I'll tell you where the crowds were!

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Michael Guy asked in your last packed issue, where the crowds were at Donington? They were in the garden, with a beer watching on the patio screen, as where many supporters in Nottingham.

We live 25 minutes away and have been strong supporters of Donington for the past 25 years. But last year and this, as money is tighter than ever we decided to save our hard earned cash for another trip abroad to the Brno WSBK meeting, last year we went to MotoGP there.

On the way we can enjoy a great ride, a warm welcome when we arrive, a spectecular track, great facilities, good food & drinks and great value for money.

A weekend ticket for WSBK cost £18 and the 4*hotel in Brno cost £60B&B for 3 nights and the craic when we’re there priceless!

Donington continually puts the fans second, its a shame because the track is brilliant, we do many track days there, but we’re sick of poor facilities,crap food, over sealous security people not letting you go anywhere,poor value for money and continual excuses.

They’ve had long enough, I remember 5 years ago MCN reporting about the poor toilets, long ques, access problems, sound familiar!

It’s a real shame motogp is going to Silverstone as their track is not as good for bikes as Donington, but they are more customer focused and I’m sure they will make it a great event.

Most people only get to one big bike weekend meeting all year, were they will spend two to three hundred pounds, you don’t want to leave it feeling pissed off. Good luck to the F1 fans if it ever happens, but then again maybe not. TC


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