Superpole format tweaked for 2010

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The all new WSB Superpole format introduced at the beginning of 2009 has been revised for 2010.

Following consultation with teams and riders, Superpole one, which sees the fastest 20 riders after qualifying participate, now lasts 14 minutes, not 12 minutes.

Superpole two stays the same with the fastest 16 men given 12 minutes to progress.

Superpole one gives the fastest eight riders the chance to secure their final grid position and this session has now been reduced to 10 minutes from 12 minutes.

The new rules are aimed at ensuring the fastest riders progress through each session and the reduced time in Superpole 3 shouldn’t cause any problems as the vast majority of riders will only have one qualifying tyre left coming into the final session.

Other changes to the regulations sees series organisers respond to requests from World Supersport teams to have more than one qualifying session.

A new timed session has been added at 17.00 on Friday.

The World Supersport race has also been moved forward by five minutes to 13.30 local time to fit with Television stations.

Superstock 1000 also get another qualifying session at 15.00 on Friday and the Superstock 600 race will now take place on Saturday afternoon at 18.00 instead of being on Sunday before the second WSB race.  

Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider