Rea concludes positive MotoGP test in Sepang

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Jonathan Rea has successfully completed his first MotoGP test in Sepang today. The 23 year old Brit was given an extra half day of testing following heavy rain on Thursday which prevented him from riding.

Rea completed in excess of 140 laps during the test and after a slow start left the Malaysian circuit buoyed by his pace and feeling with the Honda RCV212V.

Speaking exclusively to MCN from Malaysia this morning, Rea said: “The way to ride a Superbike and MotoGP bike really are worlds apart.  With the tyres, chassis and lean angle it’s a different world. Having spent time on the RCV I’m going to have to switch my brain off, turn it back on a start again when I get back on my Ten Kate Honda WSB bike because honestly there is nothing similar.

“The test wasn’t about lap times. Every day it rained a 3.30pm and every morning the track was damp to begin with. We were following a testing programme so we never got the opportunity to go and push for a single lap time.”

Rea also revealed his fear that he might not be able to ride after the first day due to the acute pain in his wrist following a crash at Imola in September and subsequent surgery.

He said: “On the first day I honestly didn’t think my wrist was going to be able to handle three days of riding.  I spoke to my surgeon who did the operation and he sent me a Youtube video on exactly how I needed to tape up my wrist. My friend Keith Amor was here with me at the test so we were able to tape it in the right way. It was really uncomfortable when I was riding, which is frustrating for me because I know that I could have been in much better condition, but by the end I was on pace and that felt really good.”

For full story, exclusive pictures and insight into why Rea tested the bike see MCN out Wednesday 22nd December.