Haslam praises Alstare Suzuki and its ongoing development

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From the moment Leon Haslam jumped onboard the Alstare Suzuki he’s been fast and on lap record pace in each of the winter tests.

While the 26 year old Brit has clearly clicked with the bike he is keen to point out just what a good package the bike was when he first rode it.

For 2010 the Suzuki has undergone a number of key changes including an under seat fuel tank to improve balance and a move from Showa to Ohlins suspension.

Although they are changes of note, Haslam maintains that it’s a combination of small things that are making a difference.

Speaking to MCN he said: “There are a lot of little changes between last year and this years bike, but it’s nothing major that you can point to and say that’s worth a second a lap.

“Last year Max was on the podium at two races until he got injured and he was leading the race when he got wiped out, so last years bike can’t have been that bad.

"Everyone is saying that Suzuki have had two bad seasons, they have in the overall standings but not race by race.

"It’s only a case of rider injuries and bad luck and if you go back to 2005 they won the championship.”

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider