WSB Miller: Flammini reveals proposed cost cutting measures and future rule changes

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Infront Motorsport CEO Paolo Flammini has revealed a number of proposed cost cutting measures and rule changes to ensure the sustained success of the championship. Flammini met with top teams and manufacturers on Sunday afternoon to discuss the current championship and ways in which teams can optimise their participation in the series in light of the current economical situation.

The main proposals to come out of the meeting include:

– Limiting the amount of engines per year in WSB or reducing the amount of track time during the weekend to reduce overall mileage

– Increasing the minimum weight limit in WSB to reduce the amount of exotic materials on the bike – therefore saving costs

– One bike per rider in World Supersport in an effort to reduce logistic and staffing costs plus the reduction in cost of building one bike instead of two.

– Capping the amount of advanced electronics in World Supersport

– Reducing the amount of fly away races for the World Supersport grid

– Raising the profile of the top World Supersport riders

– Increasing the minimum age limit in Superstock 600 from 20 to 24 and in Superstock 1000 from 24 to 26

Flammini will meet with top teams and manufacturers at Misano and Brno to continue discussing the proposals with a plan to present them to the FIM later in the year. The proposals are for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.