Too much grip hampers Davies in Monza

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Factory Triumph rider Chaz Davies consolidated his impressive fourth place in the Supersport Championship standings after finishing in seventh place at Monza last weekend. After a strong start, Davies ended up battling with fellow Brit Gino Rea and team-mate David Salom. 

Speaking to MCN, he said: “It was actually a really good race and I enjoyed it but it wasn’t the result I wanted. I had a problem with the front brake and I just had to keep on adjusting it all race and when we got back to Parc ferme it was definitely sticking on, which wasn’t helping. It felt flat in places.

“My biggest problem was getting out of the corners. I had a lot of grip on the first twpo day, probably a bit too much and that was forcing me wide on the exit. We made a change for warm-up and then again for the race and it was better but still not great.

“Top speed is ok, and it’s actually grunt we’re struggling with. Everyone thinks it will be the other way around but in fifth and sixth it really gets going, it’s accelerating through second, third and fourth where we lose out.”

“As a road bike it’s got loads of grunt, but because the team have worked so hard in getting the top end which they’ve got, they’ve sacrificed the mid range. I’d almost prefer it the other way around because at most tracks you’re only normally flat out once a lap. You really need punch.”

Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider