Assen WSB: Lowes secures provisional WSS front row

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Sam Lowes continued his impressive run of form since joining the World Supersport championship by securing his place on the provisional front row at the end of first qualifying at Assen.

The Parkalgar Honda rider topped the timesheets for the majority of the session, but dropped to fourth in the final minutes.

Provisional pole position went to Hannspree Ten Kate Honda rider Florian Marino. The 17 year old Frenchman was the only man to dip into the 1m 38’s and is clearly riding well on his team’s home track.

Yamaha man Chaz Davies finished the session in fifth place after setting the pace in this morning’s free practice session.

Crimer Racing’s Gino Rea claimed ninth with Bogdanka Honda rider James Ellison in 13th.

1.  Florian MarinoHonda (Hannspree Ten Kate Honda) 1'38.945 CBR600RR
2.  Luca ScassaYamaha YZF (Yamaha ParkinGO Team) 1'39.121 R6
3.  David SalomKawasaki (Kawasaki 1'39.191 ZX-6R
4.  Sam LowesHonda (Parkalgar Honda) 1'39.291 CBR600RR
5.  Chaz DaviesYamaha YZF (Yamaha ParkinGO Team) 1'39.519 R6
6.  Broc ParkesKawasaki (Kawasaki 1'39.569 ZX-6R
7.  Robbin HarmsHonda (Harms Benjan Racing Team) 1'39.766 CBR600RR
8.  Fabien ForetHonda (Hannspree Ten Kate Honda) 1'40.247 CBR600RR
9.  Gino ReaHonda (Step Racing Team) 1'40.273 CBR600RR
10.  Massimo RoccoliKawasaki (Lorenzini by Leoni) 1'40.344 ZX-6R
11.  Roberto TamburiniYamaha YZF (Bike Service R.T.) 1'40.471 R6
12.  Vittorio IannuzzoKawasaki (Lorenzini by Leoni) 1'40.691 ZX-6R
13.  James EllisonHonda (Bogdanka PTR Honda) 1'40.697 CBR600RR
14.  Miguel PraiaHonda (Parkalgar Honda) 1'40.848 CBR600RR
15.  Alexander LundhHonda (Cresto Guide Racing Team) 1'40.885 CBR600RR
16.  Vladimir IvanovHonda (Step Racing Team) 1'40.991 CBR600RR
17.  Ondrej JezekHonda (SMS Racing) 1'41.252 CBR600RR
18.  Jos Van der AAYamaha YZF (Vice Versa-AAracing) 1'41.434 R6
19.  Ronan QuarmbyTriumph Daytona (Suriano Racing Team) 1'41.461 675
20.  Kervin BosYamaha YZF (VD Heyden Motors Racing Team) 1'41.531 R6
21.  Imre TothHonda (Team Hungary Toth) 1'41.863 CBR600RR
22.  Danilo Dell'OmoTriumph Daytona (Suriano Racing Team) 1'42.152 675
23.  Pawel SzkopekHonda (Bogdanka PTR Honda) 1'42.698 CBR600RR
24.  Bastien ChesauxHonda (MACH Racing) 1'42.723 CBR600RR
25.  Balazs NemethHonda (Team Hungary Toth) 1'42.755 CBR600RR
26.  Marko JermanTriumph Daytona (MD Team Jerman) 1'43.105 675
27.  Robert Andrei MuresanHonda (PTR Romania Honda) 1'43.630 CBR600RR
28.  Luca MarconiYamaha YZF (Bike Service R.T.) 1'44.461 R6
29.  Yves PolzerYamaha YZF (Team MRC Austria) 1'44.618 R6
30.  Mitchell PirottaHonda (KUJA Racing Team) 1'46.424 CBR600RR
31.  Oleg Pozdneev1'48.183 Yamaha YZF R6 (RivaMoto)
32.  Eduard Blokhin1'48.735 Yamaha YZF R6 (RivaMoto)

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

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