Joan Lascorz remains in intensive care

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Following his serious crash in testing at Imola 17 days ago Joan Lascorz remains in intensive care in Barcelona. The 27 year old Spaniard crashed his Kawasaki ZX-10R at the end of the first session on Monday after the race where he suffered a serious back injury.

MCN spoke to the Kawasaki team manager Guim Roda at Assen today for an update on the situation. Roda is not only Lascorz’s team manager but a close personal friend and has been instrumental in developing Lascorz in to a top level racer in recent years.

He said: “Joan remains in intensive care, he was expected to get out this week, but it now looks like it will be early next  week as his lungs are still not clear.

"He’s had a plate secured to his broken collarbone which went well so once he leaves intensive care he will stay in the same hospital for a few more days before being moved to a specialist rehabilitation hospital called the Goodmans Centre, which is also in Barcelona.

“The main injury is with the C6 vertebrae, he had successful surgery in Italy and now the inflammation is starting to get less. At the moment he can move his arms, but not his legs.

"For sure it is a very serious and difficult injury and the recovery will be very slow. People are expecting things to happen every day, but we are not talking about a two week period we are looking at months.”

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

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