Aragon WSB: Camier injury update

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Following his high speed crash during first qualifying yesterday, Fixi Crescent Suzuki rider Leon Camier remains in Alacaniz hospital. The 26 year old underwent an operation last night to clean out and stitch up a huge cut on the outside of his left knee.

Speaking to MCN this morning, Camier’s long time personal manager Andy Stalker said: “He’s doing ok. It was a huge crash and the team are still analysing the data to see exactly what happened. He had a similar slide the lap before with no issue, but on this lap it seems that the suspension  really loaded up and threw him up into the air big time. It sounded like Lorenzo’s crash a couple of years ago in MotoGP when he was two metres in the air.

“Realistically I think that Leon will be staying in hospital here for a couple of days. We’ve got his physiotherapist from Andorra coming here and once he’s seen Leon we’ll make a plan. Our aim is to be back for Assen but I think his recovery will have to go totally to plan for that to happen. It’s just very unfortunate because Leon was riding really well, was one of the fastest guys on track and the times were coming easily.”

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

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