'Evo' name a one shot deal

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In 2014 everybody understood that there would be a significantly different shape to the WSB championship tech rules and regs in 2015.  There was one flaw in the thinking of those who said that WSB was in for an all-Evo based future.

The name Evo is no more.

Do a word search for ‘Evo’, ‘evo’ or ‘EVO’ on the proposed 2015 rules and regs PDF and the error message reads “no matches were found.”

As the name suggests, the Evo class itself was always designed as a transition - an evolution. Having now passed on a large DNA fingerprint to the new Superbike species, the name Evo has already become a historical reference.

So even though the 2015 rules will draw on a combination of some previous WSB technical freedoms and lots of Evo-inspired cost and performance restrictions for all the bikes on the grid, the resulting machines will simply be referred to as Superbikes again in 2015, and they will be competing in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

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Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie