Terol finds his feet on 2015 Ducati

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New Althea Racing Ducati rider Nico Terol had his first chance to ride the all-new 2015 spec machine delivered to his team by Ducati at the Jerez tests, on Monday 24th, after riding the Evo version at Valencia recently.

He was amazed by the power of the big 1200cc twin but even more impressed by how the electronics keeps it all in check.

“I am happy with my first day on the Superbike bike and the power is incredible,” said the former Moto2 rider. “There is too much power! I like the anti-wheelie a lot because it is easy to open the gas on the exit of the corner. I like it also because the entry to the corner is easy. It is bigger than a Moto2 bike but it is easy and the tyres are very soft. The compound feels soft and the feeling in the first laps is good. Easy. When you brake hard it is also comfortable and the tyre construction is not too soft.”

The only issue for Terol was a lack of dry track time meaning he had to ask for more time on the bike on day two, when the bike was originally supposed to be used by his team-mate Matteo Baiocco. “The only problem is today there was damp-patches on track and I did only 20 laps. But I am happy because lap by lap my pace was better and the lap time was better. We have made not too many changes to the bike, which is better for me because I am looking for the feeling with the bike first. I hope tomorrow I can ride the bike in drier conditions. I can use the 2015 bike tomorrow because I have spoken to the team and because the weather was so-so today I need more laps to improve my feeling some more. If tomorrow the weather is perfect it is possible to swap the bikes with my team mate in the two last hours. The bike has many electronic controls when you closet eh throttle and I like this because you can brake a lot and the engine braking is incredible. I like the bike but I just need more laps.”

Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie