Sykes speaks of new internal challenge

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Of all the possible rivalries in WSB in 2015 the most eagerly anticipated is the one between 2013 World Champion Tom Sykes and his new official KRT team-mate Jonathan Rea.

Last year some expected Loris Baz to make the breakthrough to championship challenger but despite scoring well in many races he did not win a race all year. Rea – almost a veteran in WSB terms - had his best year ever and won four races, finishing third in the championship. 

Tom confirmed that he feels there will be an even greater challenge from the other side of the garage than before. “Yeah, very much so,” said Sykes. “I have known Jonathan for quite a while and raced against him in the British Championship. I have spoken to him more in a couple of days testing than I did with Loris throughout our time at Kawasaki. With Loris there was a little bit of a clash of personalities. I am more of a kind of down to earth kind of guy. I would like to think my head is a bit more screwed on. Jonathan has just finished third in the championship, won races and now in the Kawasaki camp. For Kawasaki and the whole of the Provec team it is exciting. It has given us new possibilities to fight harder for the manufacturers’ title and team title. That is something extra.”

Sykes continued, “For me it is no added pressure, I will only go and do my own thing. I am lucky to have a good relationship with Kawasaki, we have a mutual respect and together we have worked hard and got the bike to where it is today. I will continue to do that - work on my own problems and the bike problems. It should be a competitive garage but I think in a good way."

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Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie