Biaggi speaks testing future

Published: 31 July 2015

Regular Aprilia test rider and Sepang wild card Max Biaggi (Aprilia Racing Team) spoke at Sepang about his potential future role for Aprilia as a test rider. “Nothing is clear, because the factory does not have a clear plan,” said Biaggi. “Still for Superbike not so sure, more clear for MotoGP. They are going to be more devoted to MotoGP. Of course there is still a bike to be developed, but let Mr Albesiano say. I prefer to just wait and when something happens, he will say.”

When asked if he would expect to be doing no racing at all in the future, or some wildcard rides again, he said. “More the first one. To do a wildcard is to do a surprise. To do permanent wildcard is not a wildcard; it is something wrong. We are just talking here, but if there is a programme where as a test rider it is better to do a wildcard to test something during a race then it can be ideal. But to be a wildcard just to do it, I think that is not so much sense.”