Davies digs In early

Published: 31 July 2015

After a superb double win for his Aruba.it Racing Ducati WSB team in America last time out Chaz Davies made a good early start at Sepang, second in the dry, even if he hardly went out at all in the rain of the second session on Friday afternoon. “Even on the first laps in the morning I thought if I could do a low 2’06 then it would be a good start - but we ended up doing a 2’04, which was really good,” said Davies. “My ideal time was the same as I did with a Q tyre last year. Ideal, granted, but still - to be anywhere near that…? We struggled here last year so to match my Q lap time in FP1 is alright. I am happy to show that much promise early in the first morning of the weekend. It is important but I need to work for race distanceon Sunday. What we need to improve is the rear stability of the bike. A combination of grip and stability to keep the bike a little bit calmer, and also to work on the electronics. We can improve that a lot.”

Being so early in the weekend Davies decided to not do any real laps in the Friday afternoon session that was wet, but drying. “In the wet I only did one lap – an out-in and then one flying lap, not really flying,” joked Davies. “Just to see where the wet patches were. Have a look at the track, basically. I am fully expecting to be racing in the rain. I am not checking the weather but I am ready, either way. I think it is that kind of place, Sepang. At 2pm in the afternoon or so you have to expect a downpour at some point. I think we will be lucky if it does notrain.”