JR Racing turmoil explained

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After the realisation that the required funds to get the entire JR Racing WSB team up and running in 2015 have still not appeared, and do not look likely to according to Team Manager Gemma Voces Pons, she gave a small update on previous press release information, saying, “We have worked hard for this team to happen but unfortunately payment has not arrived and that is where we decided not to continue and wait for the payment. Having said that, if they pay we are more than happy to continue.”

She said that none of the expected monies had been forthcoming and at this late stage something had to be made public. “For months we have been trying to fight to get that salary to all of us, which is why we have not talked too much - but six months have gone past. We believe and we reckon there is no money. If not they would have paid us already. I really hope I am wrong but after six months I do not think they are going to pay us.”

As for 2015 JR riders Ayrton Badovini and Toni Elias, Voces Pons said, “The riders are in the same situation, they are waiting for them to pay and to get onto the bike. But as well as waiting they are thinking about their futures so if something comes up to them they should be coming over and saying they want a release letter. But I am not sure they have the chance to have any other bikes now, to be honest. All contracts are done with their company. We do know that the contracts have been broken because they have not paid any of the salaries or the riders their salaries, or the bikes or the workshop or anything. If the riders need a release letter – I do not think they will because at the end of the day that contract is not any more valid.”

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Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie