Aprilia Chief Speaks About Last WSBK Chances

Published: 26 November 2015

Romano Albesiano, Aprilia Racing chief, was hard at work at Jerez getting the final version of the 2015 RS-GP vee-four to work with the new control electronics and Michelin tyres, but he took some time out to speak about the last chances of an Aprilia team arriving on the WSBK grid in 2016.
He stressed first of all that it would not be any kind of official team, if it happened at all.
“We are still discussing with a potential customer, so we will see. We hope two riders. But it is a matter of finding an agreement or not,” he said.
Albesiano would not be drawn on any more details of these potential new customers but he double-underlined it would be a customer team only, not a way to keep an official or semi-official team going.
“In the next days we will know and then we will say - or they will say probably - yes or no.” stated Albesiano. “It is a complete new team. It is a customer team. We will give them some support for making things work, but that is it.”