Nicky takes first steps

Published: 17 November 2015

New Honda WorldSBK signing Nicky Hayden set his first laps on the CBR1000RRSP at Motorland at lunchtime yesterday despite a largely wet circuit after morning mist and fog had settled on the track surface. 

Only going our for a few laps to get used to his bike’s riding position, and have a first feel for his machine, he ran a wet front and an intermediate rear before coming in to give his very early opinions of his new mount. He stated, “We went out with a wet front just to check the ride position, basically. Of course the feeling is very different, basically, especially from what I am used to with the rain front tyre.

"I just rode around but it feels like there is quite a wide power range, which I looked. Obviously I need to understand more how the front is moving, softer, even on the straightaway. I am glad to get out because if it is good tomorrow I would hate to spend the first two hours changing handlebars. It is pretty all wet, but some of it is dry - the back straightaway is dry - but up the top the track is more or less wet. The track is steaming.”

 Hayden has taken to the track again to continue his first shakedown test.