Rea back on track and back into the 1’40s

Published: 27 November 2015

After one day of rest, having worked on track at Jerez with his KRT squad on Monday and Tuesday, world champion Jonathan Rea was on track again on Thursday.

With an all-new 2016 Ninja ZX-10R to still find the limits of, Rea and his crew made some fundamental changes again, before their 2015 track sessions end on Friday.

We started the day with a different position on the bike, to check if we could get some rear entry stability and we achieved that but we lost it in some other areas,” said Rea. “We did a long run and we got some good information from that. We also did back-to-back checking of some brake components.”

Rea has once again been comparing Nissin and the team’s existing Brembo units.

As well as experimenting Rea put in a full race simulation, which gave him some interesting results.

“The race run was really good for the full 20 laps, it was much better than we did on Monday,” said Rea. “My 1’40.3 today came during my race run so it was not a maximum attack lap. I started doing a 1’40.3, then a 1’40.4 and it was quite funny because I bumped into one of the Aprilias on track and got stuck behind him for three laps. They have so much power in the straight but in the corners it seems our bike is working really good.”