Ten Kate explains VDM medical plan

Published: 27 November 2015

After pulling out of the tests at Jerez after only part of day one had been completed, Honda WSBK rider Michael van der Mark will now wee two specialists to examine his problem, according to his team manager Ronald ten Kate. He also explained in more detail the nature of VDM’s sudden problem.

“We think it is an inflammation of one of the tendons on his forearm, caused by the coldness at Aragon. Then instead of relaxing the body, etc, during a couple of fun days, playing on a standard bike on track, this was probably too much. In my opinion now it does not look like a massive, massive problem, but it has obviously halted him from riding. Now we are going to make sure.”

That means two trips to check the reason for this sudden issue, said Ten Kate. “He is going to a specialist doctor in Belgium who is a specialist with arms, and he is more experienced in Motocross. Next week he has to go to England to do a PR thing there, and that will be scheduled as well to have a visit to a specialist there, so we have two opinions.”