Contender Davies hits hard

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After his big first day crash exiting turn 12 at Phillip Island Chaz Davies ( Racing Ducati WSB) was back into the thick of the action on day two’s morning session.

He said of his first day off, “I am mostly all right, just a bit bruised and stiff. I banged my head a bit, and that was probably the worst of it, even though I was not knocked out or anything. Turn 12- never a great place to highside!”

Davies was unsure of why the crash happened. “Exactly why I am not sure but it was my first lap on a tyre I had not tried. I had one moment earlier in the lap. It was OK until it was not OK, and it was quite aggressive to snap. Normally with a Pirelli you get a lot of feel with them. I tried exactly the same tyre today and did not have the same problem.”

After lapping at Portimao and Jerez, two very different and lower speed circuits than Phillip Island, Davies was formatting his machine set-up to suit the high speed challenge of PI.

“We have some changes because it is a very different track, so we are working on race distance, and trying to fix a few little problems really before we go too mad at it. With the big one yesterday I am erring on the side of not doing that again!”

Gordon Ritchie

By Gordon Ritchie