WSB: Troy Bayliss fractures vertebra in bicycle crash

Troy Bayliss has suffered spinal injuries following a bicycle crash
Troy Bayliss has suffered spinal injuries following a bicycle crash

Three-time World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss has been left with a fractured C4 vertebra following a bicycle crash.

The incident happened last Friday (May 15) when the Aussie is thought to have collided head-on with another cyclist who had appeared from between two cars. Bayliss has been diagnosed with a fractured C4 vertebra and corresponding spinal damage.

Bayliss has no exact recollection of the incident after losing consciousness on the scene. The 52-year-old was treated at the scene and taken to hospital. While the injuries are serious, Bayliss' condition is stable, and he returned to his Gold Coast home yesterday (May 18) to begin his recovery.

"I'm OK and I'm home, but the crash means I won't be riding a motorcycle until I regain full movement in my arms and hands," Bayliss said. "I really just wanted to let everyone know what's happened, that I'm OK and that I'll be back in leathers as soon as I can. It's been an intense weekend for me and my family, but luckily, I'm OK and I will recover.

"My doctors have been really positive, but there's no firm indication of how long it will be until I can regain enough control to get back on a bike – maybe a few months, maybe longer; it just depends on how the recovery goes once the bones heal up."

Bayliss made his racing comeback in 2018 when he entered the Australian Superbike Championship with Ducati. (ASBK). During that campaign Bayliss scored victories at Hidden Valley and Phillip Island.

Bayliss co-owns and runs the DesmoSport Ducati team in the series which includes son Oli Bayliss and Mike Jones.

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