Tune in to… The Nod: Boorman and Bowers star in MCN-backed podcast

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A brand-new podcast discussing both mental health and the positive power of motorcycling to improve it is now live on all major streaming platforms. You can listen to it here.

Produced in conjunction with MCN, The Nod with MCN kicked off on Wednesday, May 11 and is a weekly podcast hosted by men’s mental health advocate Ben Bowers, alongside co-anchors and good friends, adventurer Charley Boorman and custom bike builder Anthony Partridge.

“It was really a desire to create opportunities to empower people with their own mental health through normalising conversations around the subject,” Bowers said. “We wanted to do it in a way that was fun and create an opportunity for people to learn without feeling like they are being preached to.”

Bowers has been a Movember ambassador for more than 10 years and helped the charity establish their partnership with the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. He has also twice had to overcome testicular cancer.

Both Boorman and Partridge have appeared on television screens across the country for years, with Boorman starring in the iconic Long Way series with fellow rider and friend Ewan McGregor, and Partridge known for his work on Discovery’s Goblin Works Garage.

Alongside the trio each week for an open and honest chat will be a high-profile guest, exploring topics such as the freedom motorcycling can bring you, as well as dealing with grief, and overcoming the challenges life throws at you.

“We are not shy, and we are not afraid to go to these often unexplored places and conversations with the podcast,” Bowers continued.

“We are interviewing the people and not the achievements, which is hopefully more helpful because you find out things that you don’t normally hear.”

Launching with a range of episodes on Spotify and other streaming services, guests include 1996 Formula One world champion Damon Hill, six-time British Superbike champion Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne, and street artist D*Face.

A series of longer-form YouTube videos are also planned – giving audiences a different perspective on each discussion over time. You can watch the first one here:

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By Dan Sutherland

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