Jon Urry

Freelance motorcycle journalist and test rider

Jon joined MCN in 2000 as a Junior News Reporter having gained a degree in maths from Keele University.

Jon worked on MCN’s news desk for two years during which time he also gained an ACU race licence and competed in the Bemsee MZ250 race series – lining up against an RS125-mounted Casey Stoner (ex-MotoGP superstar)! That turned out to be the first and last time their racing career paths crossed...

Leaving MCN in 2002, Jon joined Two Wheels Only Magazine as Road Test Editor and spent the next seven years evaluating bikes alongside fellow testers Niall Mackenzie and James Whitham (former GP and BSB champs). Rising to the position of Deputy Editor, in 2009 Jon left T.W.O to embark on a career as a freelance journalist.

As well as writing for most UK magazines including MCN, RiDE, Bike and Performance Bikes as well as websites such as PistonHeads, as a freelancer Jon’s work has been published in magazines in France, Germany, Scandinavia, America, Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and he has been involved in writing projects directly with several major motorcycle manufacturers and also riding in photoshoots for them.

Working for over 20 years in the motorcycle industry, Jon not only has an encyclopaedic knowledge of bikes, but has also interviewed many key players in the motorcycle industry, including designers, factory bosses and legendary racers.

Still a passionate motorcyclist with child-like enthusiasm for two-wheels, Jon has a collection of both modern and classic bikes that he maintains himself and he writes a weekly column in MCN (newspaper) about used bikes and the state of the motorcycle market.

Jon Urry

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