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  1. Can motorcycle sales recover?

    Motorcycle sales figures have taken quite a bashing this year. With figures recorded in May showing that there has been total of a 14.1% drop in new registrations when compared to the same period...

    Can motorcycle sales recover?
  2. Essential checks to make when buying a used bike

    There are plenty of great deals to be had when buying used bikes privately, but the used market is also fraught with risks. Was the advert totally truthful? Why hasn't it already sold? TOP...

    Essential checks to make when buying a used bike
  3. Guy Martin to race with Team Classic Suzuki

    Guy Martin will be joining Pete Boast with Team Classic Suzuki to race at the Spa Bikers’ Classic on July 1 aboard the Vintage Parts programme-supported Katana in the four-hour endurance...

    Guy Martin to race with Team Classic Suzuki
  1. Top 125cc motorcycles

    When looking to get your first motorcycle, you can often find yourself overwhelmed with choice and it can sometimes be a daunting prospect looking at machines and not knowing what exactly you’re...

    Top 125cc motorcycles
  2. Tyre's mystery line

    I have about 400 miles on the Bridgestone BT023R on the front wheel of my 2005 Honda CBF600N and I’ve noticed a strange line just left of centre that runs the circumference of the tyre. Has anyone...

    Tyre's mystery line
  3. BMW F650 (1993-2007)

    "Off-road pretentions but, in the real world, a sturdy and sensible road motorcycle"

    BMW F650  (1993-2007)