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  1. Naked bikes are back

    I’m not sure what goes through manufacturers’ minds when they decide to make a cheap naked bike out of something that was previously swaddled in plastic and adorned with expensive add-ons. In theory...

    Naked bikes are back
  2. Draggin' Jeans top independent abrasion test

    Draggin' Jeans' all-new material has beaten rivals in an independent abrasion test carried out by Deakin University, Australia. The test, which took place in conditions identical to those used for...

    Draggin' Jeans top independent abrasion test
  1. Yamaha recall MT models

    Yamaha have recalled a number of their triples to address a production fault that could make the handlebars come loose. The recall affects the MT-09 based models and includes both the XSR 900 and...

    Yamaha recall MT models
  2. Ducati Museum to open on Sundays

    The Ducati Museum in Bologna is now open on Sundays from 9am to 6pm for the course of the summer. The extra day means the museum is now open six days a week, with it being closed on Wednesdays. Last...

    Ducati Museum to open on Sundays