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New Riders

You’re a new rider with your first bike, leather jacket and shiny helmet. You’re good to go, ready to ride off into the sunset to the sound of the Wild Ones in the background… but first, let’s talk insurance.

For a new rider, insurance can be painful. There are a magnitude of insurance companies and brokers out there to choose from, all demanding what little cash you may have left after buying all your gear.

Insurance for a new rider is expensive and there are factors to be aware off before sifting through all the insurance companies before you.

The reason behind the massive difference in prices between a new and experienced rider is purely just that, they are experienced with potentially years of no claims bonus tucked under their belt.

Younger riders are statistically more likely to have an accident and claim than an older rider and so insurance companies have to charge a higher premium.

A new rider should take into account the following:

It’s important to take careful consideration in choosing your motorcycle. If you check through our bike review pages you’ll notice that some models are in significantly lower insurance groups that others. It might be prudent to hold off on the sports bike until you’ve a few years experience under your belt.

Many insurance companies can also knock up to 10% off if you pass an advanced motorcycle test such as the RoSPA, or Institute of Advanced Motoring advanced test.
Take into account the security measures you use to safeguard your machine.

Insurance approved chains and secure ground anchors (Sold Secure, Thatcham) can go a long way in knocking down your insurance premium. Before splashing the cash, first speak to your insurance company to find out which products they recognize as accredited protection.

It can be tempting to modify your motorcycle. Remember that some insurance companies will increase the price or simply not allow it. You should speak to your provider before modifying your bike and check what extra costs are involved in doing so, if any. 

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