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Milan bike show: Husqvarna Mille 3 concept

By Chris Newbigging -

New bikes

 02 November 2010 14:55

Husqvarna unveiled the mad Mille 3 concept bike at the Milan show today - a V3 triple cruiser/sportsbike cross built to show off Husqvarna's designing talent.

The peculiar machine isn't designed for production - the 933cc engine in the Mille 3 uses three cylinders from the firm's single-cylinder off-road range arranged on a common crankcase. The bodywork takes clear cues from Husqvarna's off-roaders, the wheels and brakes could have come from a supermoto, but with cruiser-sized fat tyres.  

Husqvarna say of the Mille 3:

"Emotion is irrational, curiosity is a gift, and anti-conformism is innate. With the concept study "Mille3", Husqvarna has given form to its vision of biking, diverse and – it goes without saying - innovative. It is a combination of emotion, curiosity and anti-conformism, moulded in an original form.

"A bike that is complete, but stripped down; elegant, but slightly threatening. An explosive mixture that appeals to all the senses and sets a new benchmark for future Husqvarna bikes.'

Whatever that's supposed to mean...