Isle of Man TT Manslaughter Investigation: Police Statement

By MCN News Desk -

General news

 10 August 2007 10:35

The Isle of Man Police Force has released the following statement relating to the incident that happened on June 8, the event's Senior Race Day: "Following detailed discussions between the Constabulary and the Attorney General, it has been determined that no criminal proceedings will be instigated for manslaughter in relation to the tragic incident at the 26th milestone on Senior Race Day (8th June 2007). Deputy Chief Constable Mike Langdon said: ‘Whilst this matter is no longer being treated by the police as a criminal investigation, the Isle of Man Constabulary will be continuing a detailed and thorough investigation on behalf of the Coroner of Inquests, which will provide a full account of all relevant information.’"

The matter will now be considered by the Isle of Man Health and Safety Inspectorate.