The carbon wheels weigh less than 4kg

The carbon wheels weigh less than 4kg


Carbon wheels for fast BMWs

By Marc Abbott -

Parts & accessories

 08 April 2009 12:12

BST has just released this new Black Panther design carbon wheel for the latest range of BMWs.

Performance enhancing claims are big – the South African company boasts a 5kg weight saving over the standard wheels.

That means better grip thanks to the reduced unsprung weight, better braking and acceleration performance thanks to a reduction in rotational inertia and the lowered gyroscopic inertia makes for quicker turning.

These wheels weigh 3.31kg for the 17-inch front and 3.96kg for the rear.

As you’d expect they’re not cheap, though – £2485 per pair. Contact or call 0845-873-8254.